Outsourcing lead and demand generation to a team of passionate channel sales and marketing experts is a smart move.

We offer proven tactics and strategies to attract potential partners or customers, providing a steady stream of qualified leads for you to follow up.

Additionally, our nurture program keeps leads engaged throughout the entire buying process, establishing strong connections with potential partners and customers, increasing the likelihood of a successful sale.

With our help, effective lead and demand generation programs are possible, even if you or your partners don’t have the necessary resources to run sales and marketing activities, preventing revenue loss.

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The evolving role of the B2B sales team

We’ve spoken a lot lately about the channel’s resilience in these tough times. in fact, many partners are feeling optimistic about the coming year. However, research released this week provides some sobering statistics. The study by revenue intelligence...

What are the 3 biggest trends for channel marketers in 2023?

Channel marketers will face some unique circumstances in 2023. That’s according to the founders of Coterie Community, who weighed in on what will matter to marketers over the next 12 months. A dedicated forum for partner and channel marketers, Coterie Community...

Is social media the key for B2B companies to educate their buyers?

There was some research released this week that indicates that channel partners are conflicted on the topic of hybrid working. Seventy percent of UK partners find remote working beneficial: 40% for productivity, 30 percent for strategic thinking, according to the...

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