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Introducing Viewpoint, the revolutionary content matchmaker designed to help vendors deliver exceptional partner experiences and boost engagement through personalized communications.

We understand that today’s busy partners don’t have time to sift through one-size-fits-all emails and pick out relevant information. Generic emails simply don’t cut it anymore, and personalized communications are now essential for success. With Viewpoint, you can finally say goodbye to generic emails and hello to personalized experiences for your partners.

Viewpoint has been designed with nearly 20 years of experience in perfecting to-partner comms for countless tech vendors at Purechannels: The Channel Agency. Our unique matchmaking technology automatically matches the right vendor content to the right partner at the right time, providing a seamless and personalized experience for your partners.

Whether you’re looking to replace your current email platform or simply want a simpler way to run partner engagement campaigns, Viewpoint has you covered. With Viewpoint, you can manage all your communications or run dedicated partner engagement campaigns alongside your usual comms activity, resulting in a better partner experience (PX), more engaged partners, and increased revenue.

Imagine a world of to-partner comms where there are no emails to coordinate, no templates to manage, and no audience data to segment. With Viewpoint, that world can be a reality. Let us show you how Viewpoint can give you the tools to deliver exceptional partner experiences and increase revenue.


Boost partner engagement with Viewpoint

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